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5 Best LEGO Instagrammers


5 Best LEGO Instagrammers You Must Follow

Do you know anyone who doesn’t have Instagram? Yeah, me neither. Almost everyone in this day and age be it young or old is most likely to have this app installed. We all use it for various reasons – some of us use it to share our creative food shots while some of us use it to share our imaginative take on playing with LEGO.

If you love LEGO and is an avid user of Instagram, I urge you to follow these 5 best LEGO Instagrammers as they build a LEGO bridge between you and the LEGO world:

1. @toyslagram_lego

 For a directory of some of the most interesting and creative “Legostagram” pictures, Toyslagram is your man to follow. They curate and feature the coolest LEGO from Instagrammers all over the world. Who knows, if you hashtag #toyslagram_lego, you might be featured too!

2. @brickdreams


A photo posted by Phil (@brickdreams) on

Brickdreams brings a fresh and interesting take on the use of minifigures and their parts. With his minimalistic photo editing, your feed will be filled with bright and clean pictures that tell stories that are a little quirky but definitely cheery. Don’t forget the witty captions, too!

3. @legoman_asia

A photo posted by @legoman_asia on

 Globetrotting Legoman_asia takes his numerous minifigures out for his trips around the world. See their global adventures here and watch out for some seriously awesome pictures (hint: underwater). Legoman_asia truly immerses his audience in a fun-filled journey through the lives of his very lucky minifigs.
4. @brett_wilson


A photo posted by brett wilson (@brett_wilson) on

 Brett Wilson is a pretty famous LEGO Instagrammer with over 8,000 followers! If you aren’t one of them, then you are totally missing out on some great quality photos and humorous captions. His simple and crisp photos showcase his minifigures’ unique personalities as well as creative use of parts.

A photo posted by Sean Kenney (@seankenneyart) on

 Last but not least, we have Sean Kenney, a full-time LEGO artist who creates sculptures exclusively with LEGO bricks only. His skills and techniques are extremely admirable – a definite envy of many. He was also recently featured on Melissa Joan Hart’s (does Sabrina the Teenage Witch ring a bell?) Instagram for his portrait of her.

If you liked any of the Legogrammers above, let us know! Or if you have any of your personal favourite that you’d like to share, don’t forget to share it with us too. Better yet, if you think YOU should be on the list, please share with us a link to your site.

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Have a happy brickin’ day!