All sets require a 24 hour confirmation on availability. In the event that your order is out of stock, a full refund will be returned. Kindly take note of Reservation & Collection Terms as well.


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Online Shopping

  • How do I make a Reservation?
    All you need to do to make a reservation is:
    • Leave us a payment - full or 50% deposit - and we will reserve it EXCLUSIVELY for you
    • 14 days is the maximum holding period for deposits. We can hold your set for as long as you like if a full payment is made.
    • You may make a bank transfer to any bank account received at the confirmation page.
    • Inform us of your payment
    • Your set is in safe hands hidden behind the curtains!
  • How do I purchase something?
    Step 1: Select "Add to Shopping Bag" on whichever item you wish to purchase.
    Step 2: If you have finished adding goodies into your bag, click "Cart" or the little bag icon at the TOP RIGHT corner and select "View Shopping Bag" If you would like to remove items from your Cart, hover/mouse over the little bag icon and click "x"
    Step 3: When you are pleased with whatever you wish to purchase, click "Checkout -> Pay" on the navigation bar. This will direct you straight to checkout and payment.
    Step 4: Fill in all your details and select your desired payment method. COD/Direct bank transfer/PayPal
    Step 5 When all is done, click "Place Order" and an e-mail will be sent to us regarding your order. Please be aware that all orders will need maximum 24 hours to confirm before dispatching and receiving payment.
    Step 6: Enter mailing address and be patient for your package to arrive!
    Step 7: Enjoy your set!
  • Where are the COD locations?
    We do cash on delivery (COD) at Amcorp Mall where our store is located.  
  • How do I remove something from my Cart?
    To remove item from Cart, mouse over/hover over the little bag icon on the TOP RIGHT corner of the header and click the "x" button
  • How do I check what is in my Cart?
    To check the items in your Cart, hover over the TOP RIGHT corner of the header with the little bag icon. It should show the total price of the items you have selected as well as thumbnails of your items. To view Cart, simply mouse over the little bag icon and click "View Shopping Bag" or simply click "Cart" on the navigation bar.


  • How do I pre-order a set?
    To pre-order, simply click "Add to Shopping Bag" on your desired set opened for pre-order and leave the necessary deposit either via Direct Bank Transfer or COD us at Amcorp Mall. Another option is to drop us a PM on our Facebook page ( and allow us to guide you through the process. Please take note that deposit made is not refundable nor transferable.  In the event you wish to cancel, the deposit will be forfeited.


  • Are all these genuine LEGO products?
    Fret not! These are all 100% genuine LEGO products directly imported by us. We completely understand your predicament on how toys are so quickly and rapidly manufactured under strange names with similar packaging however, LEGO products are one of the only toys that DO NOT have direct counterfeit. We also understand how you would feel that
  • If there are some missing parts from my purchased set, what should I do?
    All of our new sets are in sealed boxes, thus should there be any unfortunate incident whereby you encounter some missing parts from your new sealed set, you may write in to Lego to claim the missing parts.


  • What are your SHIPPING CONDITIONS?