Our Story...


Who we are?


We are Brick Sanctuary – one of Malaysia’s most competitively priced brick store – carrying a large variety of sets from old and new!

Brick Sanctuary was born somewhere in early 2013 out of a random desire to collect the new LEGO®  range of Ferrari x Shell cars and somehow we decided it was a good idea to share our reignited love of LEGOs® with the rest of the community. With the help of such a large community of LEGO®  lovers, we quickly grew from a little table at the Amcorp Mall flea market into a full-blown brick & mortar store (also at Amcorp Mall)!

Our latest venture has brought us to Sunway Geo Avenue where we have a standalone retail shop attached to our very own event space!  Our event space is open for birthday parties, workshops and presentations! 

We invite you to come and visit us for a full brickable experience!  Because afterall, your imagination is the limit!


What we sell?


i) Current / New LEGO sets : Sets currently in the market supplied via local distributor.

ii) Retired / HTF / EOL sets : LEGO sets which are retired and traded in secondary markets. Rekindle your LEGO experience from years ago as we try our best to complete your collection!

iii) Preloved LEGO sets : Sets which have been played / display but still in good condition. 

iv) Pick - A - Brick : Huge range of loose LEGO parts, whether for replacing a broken / missing parts or parts to build your latest MOCs! 

Why choose us?

Pricing : Most of our products have their standard discounts and along the way we try our best to keep them fairly priced and as low as we possibly can!

Service : We are a family-run business, hence everything is done personally by our humble selves.  As such, we will do our very best to serve you in our very best capacity!

Convenience : We try our very best to make your shopping experience with us as convenient as possible!

How to contact us?

We can be contacted via the following channels :

Email             : brick.sanctuary@gmail.com

Tel/Whatsapp : 012 - 301 3188

FB                  : https://www.facebook.com/BrickSanctuary

Instagram       : https://www.instagram.com/bricksanctuary/